You Can’t Put a Price on Creativity


There is a price to everything. We don’t negotiate with Apple on the price of  iPhones or the latest Macbook Pro. We know we’re getting the best and for us that is worth every penny. I’d be willing to see how far people would pay to get an Apple product. Even with other products and services most people are willing to pay the cost for that service. Because they know the quality is good and they are getting exactly what they need. If this is so constant, then why do people believe that trying to jipp off a designer should be the same? If a client is contacting a high level designer who has a strong portfolio they should expect their prices to not be cheap, but reasonable. Design work is not cheap, because there is so much involved. It takes hours just to come up with a concept, on top of actually creating the design.

There is a price to everything. We don’t negotiate with Apple on the price of  iPhones or the latest Macbook Pro.

When a client contacts a designer and tries to talk a designer down on their rate it’s extremely unprofessional and degrades the designer. The designer is quite aware of their rate, both competitively and also what they are personally worth. Clients do get what they pay for. Having a high level designer  can be a little more expensive but have a strong portfolio. Which I believe is worth the investment. I have clients come to me saying they have gone through several designers for their logos. Mainly the reason is because they are finding cheap prices, but the quality or the originality is lacking. Clients who truly care about their product or company are willing to invest in their designers. These are what I call Long Term Clients, because they will build relationships and keep coming back.

 Clients who truly care about their product or company are willing to invest in their designers.


Go for clients who talk about money like it’s their last concern. Of course people want to save money, but people who are more concerned about things like your work and if you’re easy to work with, is more important. That is something you cannot put a price on. Good clients hire you, for you. Not just for your designs or your price. Your personality, your work and your work ethic is a complete package. Clients are not only paying for hours of work, but the experience you have. The client is drawn to you for a certain reason, because of something they liked. But what needs to be realized is that you are worth that price. Don’t take a client who is concerned about your rate or try to bargain with you. Those are usually clients who will have a lot of demands and end up not respecting you or your work. It’s a bad road and I have learned from experience to stand firm when they try that route. It’s better to wait it out for a client who will see your worth and pay you what you deserve.

Your personality, your work and your work ethic is a complete package.


The more experience the designer has, the more quickly they will over come obstacles in the design and be able to problem solve. So much of design is having talent and a natural eye, that is something that is so extremely valuable. You cannot put a price on that. Nor can you put a price on someones creativity. Their rate is worth what they are asking. They have done research on what they are worth. Believe me when I say most of our rates are below what they should be. If you see a high level designer and want to inquire about their rates, please be professional. Expect to pay more, but expect better quality work and good communication. You’re paying not only for the design, but the designer as a whole. Their experience, their communication skills and their ability to send work on time. If their rate is too high, please back down graciously. Getting a nasty email is unprofessional and no one wants to end their day on that kind of note, plus reputation spreads.

Believe me when I say most of our rates are below what they should be.

I feel that most companies understand that designers are worth their salary. But for some reason it gets lost in the freelance aspect. I feel it’s just the nature of the beast. But designers need to stand their ground professionally and clients need to know what they are truly paying for. It’s so much more than a design, you’re taking a piece of someones creativity. It’s a heartbeat within a design.

(All images and illustration work in this post is designed by myself)

Ghost Nest – Amazing Freelance Gig!


I  had the great opportunity to design 12 pieces for a SF theme cabinet knob collection for Ghost Nest. I was contacted over a month ago to design the set and I immediately took the project. It was a great freelance opportunity and something that was not apart of my day to day design routine. Reid Evans (CEO) was such a pleasure to work with and gave me so much freedom with the designs. I really felt like I had more freedom than any other client I have ever had. It’s so rare to land a project like that.

I took a lot of inspiration from spending time in the city myself and also played around with lots of different colors. This project was a great outlet for myself to experiment and be a little bit out of my element. I certainly felt really challenged at first, but after awhile It became a lot easier to design.

I also designed the wooden Golden Gate Bridge display. Reid came up with the concept and also cut it out with a laser cutter. It’s a really pretty display! These knobs will be sold in select stores in San Francisco including Cole Hardware. You can also purchase them on Ghost Nests website.

This is a great startup and the people are really great to work with. I strongly suggest supporting a startup with a lot of potential like this one. It’s great to work with people who have creative goals and mindsets. I would do another collection with them in a heart beat! I could tell Reid really had everything put together the moment I started corresponding with him. It’s people like these that  are gems. Thank you for the great opportunity Reid and  hope to continue these fun projects together in the future!

Hey you, yes you! Go get some designs! ;)