Betty- The Christmas Logo

Betty from Hillary Hopper on Vimeo.

Over time, I have figured out what clients to take and what projects I know I will enjoy. It’s not just about being paid, but what I will putting time and life into. From that principle, I landed a great logo project with a very sweet ending.

I created a logo for a client for his sister for Christmas. It was going to be a surprise for her cake company called Cake Machine. So far, it has been my favorite logo to make. It was a cross between an illustration and logo. It’s incredible what happens when clients allow designers to do their jobs. Not only was this project a fun one, but the client made it that much better. I was sad to eventually have to put the project to close once it was completed. It was such a fun project we ended up naming the robot “Betty”.  I’ve never named my logos anything before. But it was fun to say “Betty” instead of “The Logo” in conversations. Something about creating a gift for someone was exciting and I actually had friendships built from it.

Sometimes I feel as a designer I am not changing peoples lives or making it better. But this project really made me feel like I helped to bring joy and happiness to someone. I know you’ll feel the same when you see this short clip.

You can see the logo here in my portfolio.
Watch the video of her opening the logo for the first time on Christmas day!


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I can finally talk about, announce, and post my work! Afte many months, TinyVillage (By TinyCo) is finally released in the app store. We launched earlier this morning. We’re already #8 and moving up. I created all the UX & UI and worked with many talented engineers, artists and PM’s to make this game happen. 

Please, download the game and have fun playing! 

Happy Gaming!