Creativity In Mobile Game Design

I was honored to have one of my articles on Brainzooming today!  Please check it out! It’s during their World Creativity and Innovation Week. Please check the article out and leave a comment there if you feel inspired or have something to say. I’ll be responding to comments there.

Tiny Monsters Released!

I am so excited to let you see what TinyCo has been working on! TinyCo has just released Tiny Monsters in the App Store. This is by far the most beautiful game TinyCo has made. The animations are incredible, the UI is stunning and clean and the artwork is gorgeous. You must download this, even if it’s just to look at all the incredible artwork. The game play is awesome too. I truly believe this game will change the way our mobile games look in the future.

Melissa Pohl did the UI design. She is extremely talent, and I feel honored that I get to work beside her on a day to day basis and learn from her. She  has to be the most talented UI designer that can illustrate.

Candice Ciesla did the character design. She is such an incredible artist. Seeing her work from Tiny Village to Tiny Monsters shows how broad her art style can truly be. She can draw anything!

There are so many other artists that worked on this game, that made this gorgeous game what it is. A
Great job Monsters Team! I am so proud to be apart of a company that has so much talent like yourselves.