Speech Bubble Tutorial

Having a speech bubble in your “Know how to do” library is always a good thing. This is a short tutorial to show you some tricks to creating one quick, but not dirty. You’ll end up with a clean and polished vector speech bubble that you can use for a lot of different purposes. Enjoy!

Level: Intermediate

If you have benefited from this tutorial in anyway, please feel to leave a comment! It’s always great to get to know you and also receive feedback. 

[Illustrator] Circle Ridge Tutorial

This tutorial is pretty raw, so bare with me as I fumble over words and talk or move too fast! This tutorial is about creating ridges on circles for that “Stamp” effect, along with adding a quick gloss and other depth effects. If you have any questions, please comment below. It’s a lot easier to respond and track comments here than on Twitter. Thanks for watching!

Tutorial Level: Beginner 

Circle Ridge Tutorial from Hillary Hopper on Vimeo.