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I’ve been playing around with the new Pocket app and quite like the idea. Although the application icon was quite lacking in design. The whole 3D icon is a little over rated and I wanted to give some life to the icon. Showing the colors coming out of the “Pocket” makes it feel like there is is some life to the logo. I always feel that a product should not only look good, but also evoke some kind of feeling or emotion, even with application icons.  It’s the entire package of a brand that matters & if one thing is off, the whole product itself can seem off. This is was just a quick representation of what I see in the icon. Using more rounded corners at the bottom with sharp edges at the top. Along with flat and solid colors for the stripes.

You can check out the Dribbble shot too.

Thoughts or suggestions, what would you do differently? 

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  1. Vlasnn

    Hi, I like what you did in the logo, if I were in your position, I would play more with the textures of the clothes. For example using a blue jean texture on the background and the pocket area with a little variations in the continuity of the design to simulate that are diferents pieces of cloths. For the V the same texture as the letters in the baseball hats which i think would made it jump out of the image.

    Thanks for give me the chance to give an opinion XD

    Take care

    1. Hillary Hopper

      These are great suggestions! It’s always fun to explore current designs and try to make it better. Or just make your own opinion of it. What is mainly what I did here. You’re always welcome to your own opinion here, I love hearing what other people have to say.


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