Changes & The Power Of Networking

Hi Guys! I wanted to give a brief update on what has been going on in lovely San Francisco and some things I have learned while living here so far.

I have been here over 6 months now and I feel like I just moved here. The city is beautiful, the people are pleasant and the food is incredible. I love that I can walk out of my apartment and go to several little restaurants on my street. Finding dive coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do and making friends with the local owners is also a nice plus. The design community is awesome and I have wonderful friends here that I know I will have for a life time.

I recently took a position at TinyCo as a UI game artist! I never thought that this time last year I would be working at my dream job. Literally. I couldn’t be happier and the opportunities are incredible. 

I also got an iPad, today. Finally! I have been in engrossed in it since I opened the box. I am not quite sure how I functioned without it. I cannot wait to get the Bamboo stylus for it so I’ll be able to draw and create wireframes! 

Valley Lessons
Living in the valley has already taught me many lessons and opened my eyes to the power of networking. The valley is small, and I feel that for every 3rd person I meet, they know someone that I know. It’s pretty tight, and reputation means everything. 

If you live in the valley you had better have two things to grow in networking:

1. Personal website
2. Twitter 

I’ve gone from asking “Do you have twitter?” to “What is your twitter handle?”. I feel like I should just go to meetups with a T-Shirt that just says “@HillaryHopper”! 

Going to meetups is pretty awesome because you can network with people in person. Get a feel for how they truly are and not just one side of them that you see on Twitter or Facebook. The internet can only take you so deep, but meeting in person can give you the opportunity to make your connections stronger. 

If you want to grow in your industry, whatever it may be. You need to go where the industry is. You’re not just going to wake up one day and see the industry outside your window with a rainbow floating over it. Sometimes you just have to make up your mind and go after it. It’s risky, scary and quite possibly stupid to everyone else. But I know that I would have rather have tried and failed then lived my life with regret because I was afraid of failing. 

We always downplay ourselves as human beings, putting dreams and goals on pedestals. When honestly, we should tell ourselves that they are attainable.  I believe that if someone truly wants something, they can achieve it. We are incredible beings with brilliant minds, it just takes work sometimes to grow into your fullest potential. 

So on that note. Go start networking and perusing your dreams like crazy! Because really, you have nothing to loose and a bucket full of dreams to gain.