Hi, I am Hillary! I have led led the user interface design team for several different mobile games and applications. My work has been featured in mobile games, such as Tiny Village, that have been in the top grossing lists of the iTunes, Google and Amazon app stores. I  have been nominated as one of the Top 50 designers on Design Shack, for my work on illustrations, icons and web design.

Previously, I have worked for the US Military as a UI designer, helping to create applications for Special Operations Command. I graduated as valedictorian with honors in Interactive Media Design from Bryant and Stratton College in Syracuse, NY.

During my time as UX/UI designer I have learned more about people and the way they think. Being a designer isn’t just about making beautiful assets but also thinking about the user that is using any product. How is this person going to be affected by my design? Will he/she be confused or will this make or break this product? Thoughts like these run through my mind everyday and it is something I keep with me to always make sure I am designing in the right direction and for the right reasons.  My experience in UI design is broad for the facts that I started out as a solo designer for a small company, that led me to work at a now large mobile gaming company. Where I currently find myself managing and mentoring other UI designers along with designing for products. My passion runs deep for design and so does my desire to help other people grow in their own design careers.



UX/UI Mobile, mobile games, web design, illustration, and iconography, and mobile applications.