I have been doing small side projects lately from DIY for the house to creating small illustrations here and there. Lately, I have been studying cards and invitations. It’s just that time of year, everyone is getting married, having babies and cards seem to be flying. I love this time of year and get excited thinking about all the different types of cards I could be illustrating.

Below is just a simple design I quickly put together just for fun. I am hoping to sell them in my soon to be Etsy shop and also giving them to family.  I was pretty happy with the result since this was just a quick little project that I did tonight on the couch. :)

Snarphs falling from the ceiling, literally!


The Snarphs are falling from the skye at New Life Christian Church in Watertown, NY. Their “Sprouts” room for children 2-5 now have Snarphs to watch over them. I was asked if the church could use my characters for artwork in one of their children’s rooms.  I couldn’t be happier about allowing everyone to enjoy them! I made these characters almost 4 years ago and had no idea they would bring so much joy and happiness to people. I cant wait to see this in person at some point and am extremely excited for what else is to come from the SnarphBlat Chronicles!


Latest Project – The Gardener and the Door

My brother has the coolest church ever. If I lived in New York again, this would be the one I would attend. I received an E-mail from him asking me to help design the theme and backdrop for their Easter Service (I chose the color scheme, made the clouds, hills but not the logo! Logo and other designs created by Jason Clement). Which by the way, looked incredible and I wish I could have been there. Little did I know that the backgrop elements would be in everything from the pamphlets to the screens up in the sanctuary.  See below!

photo 4

photo 2   photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 3

photo 1

Last but not least, my Mommy! Isn’t she such a doll? <3

Beautifully designed work from New Life Media