Snarphs falling from the ceiling, literally!


The Snarphs are falling from the skye at New Life Christian Church in Watertown, NY. Their “Sprouts” room for children 2-5 now have Snarphs to watch over them. I was asked if the church could use my characters for artwork in one of their children’s rooms.  I couldn’t be happier about allowing everyone to enjoy them! I made these characters almost 4 years ago and had no idea they would bring so much joy and happiness to people. I cant wait to see this in person at some point and am extremely excited for what else is to come from the SnarphBlat Chronicles!


SnarphBlat Chronicles On The Move


It’s been several years in the making for my Snarphs. Now It’s finally coming together. Although the book isn’t close to being finished, you can see that there is a website page up! If you want to stay up to date you can like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter. This idea started over three years ago sitting at my desk drawing round blobs with big eyes. Just a few days after after sketching these little guys I realized it could be something more. All it took was a little creativity, thinking outside of the box and creating something I would truly love myself.

Featured on Design Mag

I woke up to this tweet this morning!

I immediately clicked on the link, and to my surprise one of my Snarph illustrations was featured!

I have a childrens book in progress and this is one of the new charachters I am working on. Stay tuned for more! Thank you so much Jake Rocheleau and Deisgn Mag for featuring me and also the even more incredible illustrators. I  feel honored and humbled to be apart of this article, thank you.