Easter and Spring! When everything is happening.

photoIt’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks. But I am so thankful to family and friends who have given such amazing support. Not to deluge on my personal life too much, as everyone’s seems to be a bit “too” public these days. I wanted to share some highlights of mine because I do feel, that life is worth sharing about.

Mine, has blossomed. I am not truly sure what happened, but I feel like I was hit with a sack of blessings one day. It literally just happened, without me looking, asking or even wishing it up. I’ve always wanted great family relationships, a nice place to a live and work I enjoyed. But recently I have woken up and it’s hit me, my life is totally blessed. I am not saying that it all just fell on me by chance. I’ve worked for it, but I also feel that I have been fortunate. The decisions we make now determine our future. Everything that we do and say is a building block to our own yellow brick road (I would prefer my brick road to be pink!).

A lot of this goodness came to be from multiple life style changes. One of the largest was removing myself from social media and not becoming as public with my personal life. Guarding my personal life to be something that I shared intimately with the closest people I love. Not that our lives shouldn’t be public, but relationships are special and should be treated as such. I like sharing, but some things in my life, I prefer to keep hidden just between me and the people I share them with. I have a great life and the most incredible family. Which is truly what really matters in life.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.12.07 AMI’ve actually been designing, a lot. My new website is in the works and I am excited for a brand facelift. Call it maturity, but growing up has a way of changing things. Although I do feel as if I will always be “growing up”. I have a hunch we don’t ever truly become adults, just people who know how to deal with more complicated issues and who can take care of more than just ourselves.

So yes, life is good, I am less involved in the interent and more in involved in my personal life. If you ever get the chance, to step back from social media and the web, do it. You will not regret it. This world is awesome and the people in it are gems, when you find them. :)

Big Horizons Little Steps


It’s really awesome to step into one stage of my life and then into another. I remember my sister telling me, that from age 23-25 I will grow a lot, and rapidly. I can say from experience, she is spot on. I feel as if I am in another life growth spurt.  I can feel myself falling out of old habits and replacing them with healthier ones. My eyes  have really been opened up in the past two months in an extremely good way. I sense that I have stepped into another wave of my life. It’s a refreshing one that I have been waiting for. It’s the realization that clothes, really don’t matter that much – as far as appearance goes, (It’s important we do wear them though!). That’s its more about the people in my life than the things I have that matter. It’s all going to burn up or melt away someday when I am long gone. What I want to leave is a memory and a story behind. That is something that cannot be purchased with money or held in your hands.

Being a designer has been fantastic for my career. It’s interesting how applying the attention to detail skill that I use for work, to my own life. I feel like my life is a big Illustrator file, and I am just putting the points together one by one; creating a vector of my life. I feel that life is kind of like design, you have all these pieces, opportunities, and options and I have to choose which one is the best.

Sometimes life is just sheer luck, other times I know it’s something greater than myself guiding the way for me. It also has to do with the choices I make using the wisdom that is given to me. It’s exciting to see where my life is going, and what will be happening in the next year. I love new seasons in my life and know this will be a good one. There will be rough ones, there always are. But life is an adventure and one I am willing to partake in.

Finding the Niche in Readers

Writing has made me learn about myself so much. It has helped me see my interests in a new light. It is also interesting to see how others view me and what they find interesting. Writing on my site has exposed a whole new route, that I wasn’t sure was possible a few months ago. It’s truly amazing to find myself in you, my readers. I find more encouragement to be who I truly am and write what I am truly passionate about. Creating a blog and writing isn’t just about writing and what your readers want. It’s also about writing about what your readers see in you. Blogging is a social relationship in a tech medium. I find that I write because I have built relationships with you. I write because I know someone is going to feel or see the same way I do. Apart of me loves to give back to what has been giving so graciously to me.

Blogging is a social relationship in a tech medium.

I would define my writing as a mix between tech, fashion and design. This is a niche that kind of wraps itself in each other. Why not be a tech savy woman with style who designs full time? People who say that a blog just needs to be one niche isn’t looking at the full picture. That’s like saying human beings are only two dimensional. Human beings have so many more angles to us. To not show and represent the other ones is a waste. Sure, a niche for some people is good. Some people need a strong niche to stay on topic. But for me, I feel that I am expressing my voice, my opinions and passions. If blogging were just about one thing and one thing only, the internet would be a pretty boring place. People love to watch people. It’s something we’ve done since the dawn of time. Why do you think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are so engaging? Because we can all watch each other, secretly. It’s entertaining, it’s secretive and engaging.

People love to watch people.

Finding my niche for blogging wasn’t truly in myself. It wasn’t writing down every thing I like and take interest in. It was seeing what my readers were saying about me. It was realizing that I had some valuable topics and knowledge in a certain area that I can write about. Because readers can help define a blog niche, means they will read and read often.  Finding a niche with a couple of topics that intertwine each other is valuable and what every writer should try to find. Granted, this epiphany just occurred to me today. It’s taken me about two years to realize this. But it’s true, content isn’t within myself, it’s within my readers.

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