Handmade Glass Pearl Necklace

It was my project over the weekend, that I would create a necklace. I used to create jewelry back in high school and it was a wonderful hobby. I have decided to take it up again, because it allows me to still be creative, away from my computer. I’ve realized that because I am so highly creative, I have to constantly be creating something. When I am not, I get bored and start to feel complacent.  I’ve been like this since childhood and find it to be a good trait.

I bought most of the supplies for the necklace on Amazon and they arrived within 1-2 days of ordering. Although I do think that certain supplies would have been cheaper at a craft store supplier. But, nothing beats free shipping and saving gas to drive to the store.

Handmade Glass Pearl Necklace - From hillaryhopper.com

Handmade Glass Pearl Necklace - From hillaryhopper.com

Handmade Glass Pearl Necklace - From hillaryhopper.com

The project took me a few hours only because I was just learning how to use headpins and creating loops. But once I got the hang of it, things started moving pretty quickly! I used a white see through ribbon to tie the necklace together, which in turn makes it very comfortable to wear.

Free High Quality Invitation Fonts

Free High Quality Invitation Fonts!

Free high qaulity invitation fonts for weddings, birthdays, birth announcements and engagements! Sometimes it’s hard to find fonts that fit the bill just perfectly for invitations. The ones below that I have found, are pretty versatile for many different occasions. Plus they are free or have the option to donate!





Nelma (EPS)


Great Vibes


Ostrich Sans







SnarphBlat Chronicles On The Move


It’s been several years in the making for my Snarphs. Now It’s finally coming together. Although the book isn’t close to being finished, you can see that there is a website page up! If you want to stay up to date you can like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter. This idea started over three years ago sitting at my desk drawing round blobs with big eyes. Just a few days after after sketching these little guys I realized it could be something more. All it took was a little creativity, thinking outside of the box and creating something I would truly love myself.