Free High Quality Invitation Fonts

Free High Quality Invitation Fonts!

Free high qaulity invitation fonts for weddings, birthdays, birth announcements and engagements! Sometimes it’s hard to find fonts that fit the bill just perfectly for invitations. The ones below that I have found, are pretty versatile for many different occasions. Plus they are free or have the option to donate!





Nelma (EPS)


Great Vibes


Ostrich Sans







Design Treats

  • No More Banding 
    Jeff Broderick released an awesome Photoshop action that allows you to get rid of banding on images. Be aware that it will enlarge the size of your PSD and the image you export greatly. You’ll also need to copy and merge your PSD into an 8-bit document. Doing so will retain the perfect gradient and keep the original size of your file.
  • This is How Design Works
    This is a great compilation of different types of design, their names and meaning. It’s also very eye opening to people who are not designers. It’s important that start-ups understand how critical design is to their success. Their customer’s user experience with their product goes hand in hand with what the product actually is/does.
  • Smart Dot 
    I am a nerd when it comes to cool electronics. Especially ones that go with my iPhone or iPad. Check out this laser pointer pen that also turns into a stylus. It has other features too, such as having an application for presentations.


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