Snarphs are here!

I am happy to announce the arrival of my new Snarph products!
These are just my proofs, but was too excited not to share. I still have some kinks and details I want to workout on the actual print. But for a first round, I believe they have turned out very well! I will be setting up a store so you’ll be able to purchase totes, pins, T-shirts and more merchandise. If you want to see more pictures, you can go to my Snarph Gallery.

So who’s interested in some cute totes?!
P.S You should follow @snarphs for updates!

[Illustrator] Circle Ridge Tutorial

This tutorial is pretty raw, so bare with me as I fumble over words and talk or move too fast! This tutorial is about creating ridges on circles for that “Stamp” effect, along with adding a quick gloss and other depth effects. If you have any questions, please comment below. It’s a lot easier to respond and track comments here than on Twitter. Thanks for watching!

Tutorial Level: Beginner 

Circle Ridge Tutorial from Hillary Hopper on Vimeo.

Featured on Design Mag

I woke up to this tweet this morning!

I immediately clicked on the link, and to my surprise one of my Snarph illustrations was featured!

I have a childrens book in progress and this is one of the new charachters I am working on. Stay tuned for more! Thank you so much Jake Rocheleau and Deisgn Mag for featuring me and also the even more incredible illustrators. I  feel honored and humbled to be apart of this article, thank you.