Thinking like a Saver – Broke Girl Rich Girl Series

” For every dollar that you spend that is not thought through is a choke to your retirement, your savings and your dreams.”

Thinking like a Saver - Broke Girl Rich Girl Series By Hillary Hopper

Everyone is trying to squeeze a penny out of you. They tell you in their subtle ways that if you buy their product you’ll be more valuable. Your status will move up and people will like you more.

That couldn’t be further from the truth dear reader. Our possessions should serve as filling needs or a hobby. The occasional splurge for a treat to yourself is acceptable. But not in excess. You need clothes to stay warm and to look presentable, but don’t let it get out of hand. Your motive for purchases should have meaning and be methodical. For every dollar that you spend that is not thought through is a choke to your retirement, your savings and your dreams.

Some questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Why do I want this?
  • Will I like this a year from now?
  • Is the quality worth the price?
  • What is my track record for similar purchases?


Now I’m not talking about grocery shopping or purchasing an RX (Although groceries stores have a way of telling you that you need more).  These are questions to ask yourself when you’re online surfing Pinterest, Ruelala and many other popular penny pinchers. People are so good at making products look needy. So desirable you just have to buy. But resist. Is that necklace going to be a staple in your wardrobe? Will you wear it in a year? How trendy is it? Classic? Ah so many questions! But important ones. The way you manage your money now is a glimpse for how your future and retirement will look. Look at your bank statements and you will see either a successful future or one of always trying to catch up.

How to deal?

Don’t shop and save as much as you can.  Wait what?! Did I just say don’t shop? Yes, that’s exactly what I said. By not looking you’re saving. That extra $10 can go into your retirement, savings, or your dream savings account. Since when was the last time you bought a shirt that helped you buy new furniture, or grew your retirement fund? I say almost never in my life. The only time an outfit made me money is when I wore a suit to a job interview that put me in the position I am in today (Dressing for the future postion you want to have is always a good thing!).

What next, no shopping? My life is going to end!

Oh my gosh the drama! I thought my life was ending too! What happened to shopping with my girlfriends, buying a bag or bracelet online on a whim. Absolutely nothing. The only difference is I just don’t swipe my card. I hold self control as my closet friend and always keep her by my side. You’ll leave stores feeling more confident about yourself knowing you just saved $100 towards your dream in life, retirement or that mini vacation with your significant other. The greatest thing about being a shopper that saves, is that you invest your money into memories and not material things. I’d much rather have a million memories with the people I love, then a thousand pairs of shoes stacked to the nines (Although lets not get too carried away here, I do love shoes). ;)

 What are ways that help you when you’re shopping or just about to hit “Submit” on an online purchase? 

Finding The Best Salad in San Francisco


Finding the best salad for your penny in the San Francisco Financial Distract is an art. Salads can range up to fifteen dollars. For a salad that has a handful of nuts, tomatoes, onions and some leaves.  You’re probably thinking, thats over priced. Well, I think so too, after I had ordered a salad at one of those “Build your own” salad bars in the city. It’s a rip off if you ask me. If you build your salads at a premium salad bar like Mixt Greens or Focaccia, they force you to add extra ingredients. They also make the menu confusing so you don’t know exactly how much money you’re putting in your salad – Until after you are at the register with your sealed plastic container full of leaves. So what’s the secret for getting a decent salad that doesn’t cost you almost two lunches in one swipe of your card? It takes a little creatvity and possibly an extra five minute walk. But hey, you’ll burn calories instead of burning a hole in your wallet.

  • Don’t to get the custom made salads unless you’ve previously done the math and know exactly how much all your ingredients will cost you. But don’t let that stop you, you may get sucked in to wanting more ingredients than you initially asked for.

  • The pre-made salads on the menu are just as good and usually 3-4 dollars less. Get these ones, and substitute one ingredient if you need too.

  • Avoid the custom salad bars altogether. Food generally all comes from the same area so just because you’re not going to a premium salad bar, doesn’t mean the quality won’t be as good.

  • It’s the smaller places that matter and usually have cheaper prices. I have gotten a salad in the Financial District for 6 dollars that filled me up and even game with bread! (Whoa, really, bread was included!)

  • Cafe Venue has great prices on salads. Get a small Salad for around 6 dollars and a large one for a little over 7

  • Bread and Cocoa has great and fresh salads too, which are both pre-made to go and others where you can have one made just for you to eat inside. I generally get mine ordered and then take it to go. It’s usually fresher. Their prices are a little higher than Cafe Venu, but not as high as Mixt Greens, 8-10 dollar range

  • The other alternative, is bring your own from home. That is honestly the most inexpensive way to purchase your lunch but a lot more time consuming. If you’re anything like me, I have a bunch of things I want to get done and sometimes building a salad to bring to work the next day slips my mind entirely.

Moral of the story, don’t waste your money if you can. Save money by either bringing your own salad to lunch. Or, go to one of those smaller restaurants that will have just as good salads for less!

Easter and Spring! When everything is happening.

photoIt’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks. But I am so thankful to family and friends who have given such amazing support. Not to deluge on my personal life too much, as everyone’s seems to be a bit “too” public these days. I wanted to share some highlights of mine because I do feel, that life is worth sharing about.

Mine, has blossomed. I am not truly sure what happened, but I feel like I was hit with a sack of blessings one day. It literally just happened, without me looking, asking or even wishing it up. I’ve always wanted great family relationships, a nice place to a live and work I enjoyed. But recently I have woken up and it’s hit me, my life is totally blessed. I am not saying that it all just fell on me by chance. I’ve worked for it, but I also feel that I have been fortunate. The decisions we make now determine our future. Everything that we do and say is a building block to our own yellow brick road (I would prefer my brick road to be pink!).

A lot of this goodness came to be from multiple life style changes. One of the largest was removing myself from social media and not becoming as public with my personal life. Guarding my personal life to be something that I shared intimately with the closest people I love. Not that our lives shouldn’t be public, but relationships are special and should be treated as such. I like sharing, but some things in my life, I prefer to keep hidden just between me and the people I share them with. I have a great life and the most incredible family. Which is truly what really matters in life.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.12.07 AMI’ve actually been designing, a lot. My new website is in the works and I am excited for a brand facelift. Call it maturity, but growing up has a way of changing things. Although I do feel as if I will always be “growing up”. I have a hunch we don’t ever truly become adults, just people who know how to deal with more complicated issues and who can take care of more than just ourselves.

So yes, life is good, I am less involved in the interent and more in involved in my personal life. If you ever get the chance, to step back from social media and the web, do it. You will not regret it. This world is awesome and the people in it are gems, when you find them. :)