Learning to Enjoy Life

There is only so much time in my day and only so much time in my life. After learning some large lessons in mine lately, I realize it’s more about enjoying life and the people around me then what I do.  The more I work the less happy I become. The more I stress, the more unenjoyable I become to be around. This weekend brought me back to a place, that made me realize I just need to enjoy life. I need to learn to sit back, relax and feel the wind on my face and the sun burn my skin (I am not so happy that half my  body looks like a lobster despite SPF, but that is beside the point). Even if I did get “burned” while enjoying life, I still enjoyed it in the process. It’s tough to get away sometimes; from the hectic life style and the constant pull to to do something. But, I am a human being, not a human doing. I may have to learn to enjoy life and not take things so seriously. It’s the little things, like a seafood boil at a friends house or floating around in a pool for 2 and half hours sipping orange soda. Chilling with friends chatting or laughing  is what living is all about. It also could simply just be putting my legs in the water splashing my feet. It’s those things, that allow me to decompress and truly enjoy life. Lets also not forget about watching My Little Pony in the morning while cooking breakfast and dancing around the kitchen to their theme song. Life, simply cannot get more enjoyable than that!

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