Big Horizons Little Steps


It’s really awesome to step into one stage of my life and then into another. I remember my sister telling me, that from age 23-25 I will grow a lot, and rapidly. I can say from experience, she is spot on. I feel as if I am in another life growth spurt.  I can feel myself falling out of old habits and replacing them with healthier ones. My eyes  have really been opened up in the past two months in an extremely good way. I sense that I have stepped into another wave of my life. It’s a refreshing one that I have been waiting for. It’s the realization that clothes, really don’t matter that much – as far as appearance goes, (It’s important we do wear them though!). That’s its more about the people in my life than the things I have that matter. It’s all going to burn up or melt away someday when I am long gone. What I want to leave is a memory and a story behind. That is something that cannot be purchased with money or held in your hands.

Being a designer has been fantastic for my career. It’s interesting how applying the attention to detail skill that I use for work, to my own life. I feel like my life is a big Illustrator file, and I am just putting the points together one by one; creating a vector of my life. I feel that life is kind of like design, you have all these pieces, opportunities, and options and I have to choose which one is the best.

Sometimes life is just sheer luck, other times I know it’s something greater than myself guiding the way for me. It also has to do with the choices I make using the wisdom that is given to me. It’s exciting to see where my life is going, and what will be happening in the next year. I love new seasons in my life and know this will be a good one. There will be rough ones, there always are. But life is an adventure and one I am willing to partake in.

Awaking the Dreamers

I’m awake again. It’s 1 am on a Saturday night and while I could have gone out, I’m here writing out my ideas. Half of the ideas I ever write down end up getting canned for one reason or another. But I feel that anyone that has ever had a great idea for a company or an app, started with many small ideas. It’s almost like each idea gets greater and better and then one day it’s going to explode. I can feel it, this momentum building up inside my gut. There is something in me that has this desire to build and do something great. I wish I could explain it to you, but I just know it’s there. I feel it hovering over me constantly. I know I am destined for something so much bigger than myself, but what is it? My whole life I’ve wanted to be apart of things that are bigger than me. That’s why I really enjoy working in a larger startup, it’s why I love spending time with people of such a high caliber who are smarter and more talented. When I spend time with greatness I aspire to do great things.

A lof of my thought process is asking myself “How can I make people’s lives around me easier? What can I do to improve their caliber of life and what can I give?”

Is it a product, company, application or charity? These are questions I am always asking myself. I want to help improve the quality of peoples lives. Weather it’s finding people jobs in SF through connections, taking a friend out for coffee, or really sitting down with someone and mentoring them in design.

As my birthday rolls around, I start thinking to myself how I want the next year of my life to impact people. This positive impact, that changes lives and gives people the motivation to live their life to the fullest. To dream bigger than they ever have before to keep running when people say to stop. I’ve always had this notion and this self awareness of life and time. I know I am so young, but for me I can already feel time running out, that there is so much that needs to be accomplished in life, yet we truly have a ticking clock among us. Time is moving quickly, and the world is moving even faster.

I know it’s coming, I just don’t know what it is yet. It’s the calm before the storm. I know for myself that I need to make the right decisions in my life that will lead me to that place. To be cautious of my steps and to protect my work and ideas. I am sure many of you feel the same way. I believe the reason we wake up everyday with motivation is because each of us knows we are destined for something great that each of us was made for. The hard part is just learning to wait and grow and also have the ability to take the blood and sweat that will happen in the process. So many people feel the urge to be a “Mover” but they get half way up the hill, something happens, they get hit by a rock falling from the top and they never climb back up. Great things will not happen on a first or even a second treck up the hill. They will happen when the person refuses to give up and lives their life to complete their destiny and fulfill what they were created for.

10 Ways to Feel Good at the Office (For Girls)

We spend a lot of time in the office. It’s our second home, and our
co-workers are like family (If you’re lucky). Walking into the office
feeling fresh and good about yourself not only affects your
productivity and work day, but also your co-workers.
Here are 10 ways to feel sexy in the office and help your productivity
by just feeling good about yourself!
1. Have your toenail and nails done professionally
There is something about having your nails done that just makes girls
feel better about themselves.

2. Take your shoes off at your desk
After getting a pedicure there is nothing like showing off your sparkly toes!
Taking your shoes off at your desk not only rests your feet but also
makes you feel more at home at your desk and comfortable

3. Wear peep toe heels
Let’s take the pedicure just as little further. Wearing peep toe heels
at the office makes you look serious, fashionable and also shows off
your latest pedicure. People take you more seriously in heels at the

4.  Wear sparkly stud earrings
Wearing huge earrings at work can be overbearing, but wearing smaller
studs that are extremely sparkly are attractive. It shows that you are
not trying to make a huge statement at the office, but it compliments
your face and fashion sense. It also makes you look put together as
opposed to just putting some earrings in.

5. Freshen up your makeup at noon
Your early morning makeup job has maybe worn off a little bit since 7
am. Keep a small makeup bag in your purse and freshen up your makeup
during your lunch break. You’ll feel better about yourself and
confident for the rest of your work day.

6. Drink from a tea cup
if you’re a big tea princess, or more of a coffee queen you’ll enjoy
this idea. Sipping your morning or mid afternoon beverage from an
office coffee mug can get dull. Feel more like a lady and enjoy your
warm drinks even more by, sipping from a tea cup! You can get plenty
of great deals on Amazon and have it shipped to your office for free.

7. Get enough rest
Nothing screams sexy like a full 8 hours of sleep. Walking into work
exhausted, droopy eyed and frazzled is the last thing from sexy. Not
only will a full rem cycle help your appearance but you’ll be sharper
at work and get things done a lot faster.
That’s what I call the Wonder Woman Nerd!

8. Don’t eat crap
Eat healthy snacks at your desk, like fruit, and nuts. Keeping a
healthy trail mix, almonds or a small fruit basket beside you will
help keep your blood sugar up and also keep you mentally alert.

9. Who said you can only get flowers from guys
On your way to work one morning grab some flowers from your local
florist or one of the venues on the street. Having flowers at your
desk brightens your day and brings the outside to you at your desk.
Taking a break from staring at your monitor for a minute or two helps
you to take breaks from your screen. Also, flowers smell amazing and
can really freshen up your work space.

10. Wear lace anywhere
Nothing screams feminine like lace does. Lace can be classy, sexy,
edgy or sweet.  Weather its something lacy no one else can see, or a
lacy top. You’ll feel pretty all day and adds that extra little touch
that maybe only you know about.

What are things that you do, to help make your day go well and feel
great in the office?