Join the TinyCo UI Team!


Come be apart of an incredible UI team at TinyCo in Silicon Valley. Where you’ll be working in the heart of  San Francisco. You’ll be designing with the leading UI designers in the mobile gaming industry . There will be plenty of room for you to make an impact and grow in your  game design career.  This a great opportunity that should not be passed up.

We’re looking for designers with strong visual design, a passion for user experience and previous experience in the mobile gaming industry.  Check out the job description here and apply!


Creativity In Mobile Game Design

I was honored to have one of my articles on Brainzooming today!  Please check it out! It’s during their World Creativity and Innovation Week. Please check the article out and leave a comment there if you feel inspired or have something to say. I’ll be responding to comments there.


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I can finally talk about, announce, and post my work! Afte many months, TinyVillage (By TinyCo) is finally released in the app store. We launched earlier this morning. We’re already #8 and moving up. I created all the UX & UI and worked with many talented engineers, artists and PM’s to make this game happen. 

Please, download the game and have fun playing! 

Happy Gaming!