When you win a big Teddy Bear at the fair. By Hillary Proctor Designs


There is something so innocent about Teddy Bears. I felt inspired by this piece after I made the painting of the girl holding two presents. This could become a little series! What would you like to see “Lila” holding?

My Top 5 Hotel Hacks

The Top 5 Hotel HacksI’ve had over 50 nights in a hotels this year. Thats a lot of nights away from home, my bed, pillow case and home cooked meals. Here are my top 5 hotel hacks that have made being away more comfortable and more like home for me.

  1. Become Friends with the Hotel Staff
    One of the best choices you can ever make, when staying at a hotel is getting to know the hotel staff. Be friendly, be polite and learn names. This is especially important if you visit hotels often for business or pleasure. Hotel staff deals with the general public, which means they deal with some pleasant and often not so pleasant guests. Being kind and friendly helps you build a relationship with the staff and also gets you little perks that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Top 5 Hotel Hacks

  1. Tip the In Room Dining Server Well
    Your server will remember people who tip badly and who tip well. Going just above your usual tipping percentage goes a long way. I have found that upon request they will bring you extra items with no extra cost. Water bottles, bread, dipping sauce, ect. They remember you and your tipping and you also benefit from the small treats they bring.
  2. Become a Rewards Member Right Away
    At any hotel, on your first stay, ask to be a rewards member and sign up. Those rewards do accumulate and some hotels allow you to use your same rewards number at multiple locations (Like Star Rewards). Wifi is usually free if you are a rewards member, which is a bonus and it only takes a few extra moments to sign up when checking-in.
  3. Be Courteous to House Keepers
    This is your home for the next few days, and you want to be in a clean one. Keeping  your hotel room tidy makes for a more pleasurable stay, but also shows respect to house keeping. I always tidy up my room before house keeping comes. I have noticed that they clean up a little more if the room is already decently tidied versus having my stuff everywhere. It never hurts to leave a small thank you note in your room at the end of your stay.Top 5 Hotel Hacks
  1. It Never Hurts to Ask
    It’s the secret language of staying at hotels. Ask and more than likely, it will be given. Hotels want you to come back, they want you to have a pleasurable stay and if it’s a good hotel, the’ll do a lot for you. Hotels often have extra items that they may not offer upfront at check-in. Items such as regular toiletries, humidifiers, device chargers and pain killers. If you travel often, you can even ask the concierge to keep your toiletry bag for your next stay at usually no charge. Ask the front desk to make a note in your account profile that you leave a toiletry bag and what it looks like. That way, if you are not back in a month or two they don’t get rid of it.

What are your top hotel hacks?

Office Redesign Inspiration

Office Inspiration by Hillary Hopper

Right now our office is a hodgepodge of storage, desks and paper. There is no unification in the room let alone organization. For a time, it was a room that held all our wedding gifts until we organized other parts of our home. Now that the wedding has passed I am able to focus projects that need my attention.

The office is cut in half, one side is my husbands and the other is mine. I recently bought a new desk to accommodate more work space as my $25 Ikea desk that I bought off Craigslist has paid its dues. The top of the desk isn’t even connected to the legs! The top moves sometimes almost giving me a heart attack, as I see the death of my computers flash before my eyes. Though really, I am so excited to finally give our office all the care and love that it needs. I spend more time in the office during the week than any other room in the condo.

The biggest challenge isn’t decorating my side of the room, but finding storage for all of my husband’s books, papers and computer parts. Living in small space really does help you live minimally but also teaches you a lot about working with a small space efficiently.

The color palette has gold and peach/pink accents, and cream white with wood as my main colors with modern touches such as the lamp and chair. I always like to merge modern and rustic together to give a room a warm be light and clean feeling. I also have some pieces I will be hanging on the wall that are currently DIY projects.

Overall I am excited for this messy room to become an even better work space and I can’t wait to take pictures after it’s done!