Make Your Own Pony!

My entire pod at work is full of girly girls. Girly girls who love My Little Pony. There is a My Little Pony Generator online that is super cute. What ended up happening is the girls started posting their ponies on the wall and it suddenly became a trend. Now our wall is full of co-workers and what they would look like as a pony. Now I know there are some bronies out there. ;) So no haters!

Pink, Blue & Little Hues

Another warm day in SF! I’ve really been into wearing buttoned shirts and tying up the bottom. There is something just so cute about it. It’s very summery and fun. Hover over the images to learn about them!

Want to know what all these cool dots of information are? Check out Stipple!

Finding the Niche in Readers

Writing has made me learn about myself so much. It has helped me see my interests in a new light. It is also interesting to see how others view me and what they find interesting. Writing on my site has exposed a whole new route, that I wasn’t sure was possible a few months ago. It’s truly amazing to find myself in you, my readers. I find more encouragement to be who I truly am and write what I am truly passionate about. Creating a blog and writing isn’t just about writing and what your readers want. It’s also about writing about what your readers see in you. Blogging is a social relationship in a tech medium. I find that I write because I have built relationships with you. I write because I know someone is going to feel or see the same way I do. Apart of me loves to give back to what has been giving so graciously to me.

Blogging is a social relationship in a tech medium.

I would define my writing as a mix between tech, fashion and design. This is a niche that kind of wraps itself in each other. Why not be a tech savy woman with style who designs full time? People who say that a blog just needs to be one niche isn’t looking at the full picture. That’s like saying human beings are only two dimensional. Human beings have so many more angles to us. To not show and represent the other ones is a waste. Sure, a niche for some people is good. Some people need a strong niche to stay on topic. But for me, I feel that I am expressing my voice, my opinions and passions. If blogging were just about one thing and one thing only, the internet would be a pretty boring place. People love to watch people. It’s something we’ve done since the dawn of time. Why do you think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are so engaging? Because we can all watch each other, secretly. It’s entertaining, it’s secretive and engaging.

People love to watch people.

Finding my niche for blogging wasn’t truly in myself. It wasn’t writing down every thing I like and take interest in. It was seeing what my readers were saying about me. It was realizing that I had some valuable topics and knowledge in a certain area that I can write about. Because readers can help define a blog niche, means they will read and read often.  Finding a niche with a couple of topics that intertwine each other is valuable and what every writer should try to find. Granted, this epiphany just occurred to me today. It’s taken me about two years to realize this. But it’s true, content isn’t within myself, it’s within my readers.

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