Summer Running Tips

  • Eating a healthy diet while running is imperative
    You can’t expect to be a long distance runner and eat junk food all day. It just won’t happen. Protein, healthy carbs, and vegetables makes a huge difference. Say no to the Diorites and enjoy something just as yummy but less junk food esc. Nuts, like almonds and cashews with apples is a great snack with a little bit of cheese. Your stomach will thank you later and so will your run. Stay away from foods that are designed to make you crave and want more.

  • Sleeping beauty
    If you want to have good run times and run for a long period of time, you’ll need a lot of sleep. Having a full rem cycle during your night will improve your workouts greatly. Feeling well rested and letting your body re-charge is extremely important. You wouldn’t let your iPhone get low on battery, so treat your body as such.

  • Being consistant with your runs 
    You’re not going to wake up one day and be in shape. Working out is like going to church, you have to keep checking in. Even if it’s a short run, at least you worked out. You’ll eventually get to a place where your short check in runs, will turn into longer but possibly less frequent runs. It all depends on your body and what you’re trying to achieve. But across everyone, checking in to run is the key to being and staying in shape or running a race.

  • Proper clothing
    It sounds funny, but you are what you wear. Having correct and good quality running gear will help you perform better. I have noticed that if you love your running clothes and feel good in them, you’re more likely to workout often and have successful workouts. Finding the correct shoes for your feet is important too. If you find that you are bleeding or getting black toes its not because you run a lot. It’s because there is an issue with your running shoes. Go to a professional place to get your run evaluated and fitted for the correct shoes. It may be expensive but worth it if you want to take running seriously.

  • Eat, eat, eat
    Please, don’t forget to eat, but eat the correct things. There are so many resources online that give you great ideas and meals for a healthy diet for runners. Check out for a lot of information. There is also a mens and woman’s section and talks about food thats good for both genders.

  • Change your mindset
    It’s easy to think about running and get stressed. Sure it’s as little painful, and tiring at first. But that probably means a few things. That you’re running too hard, and pushing yourself too much. When you first start out running, it’s important to start out at a slow pace and just enjoy it. Running should be a time for you to relax, let stress go and think about life. If you have trouble focusing during your run, just focus on your breathing and listen to your feet hit the ground. Enjoy the rhythm that you’re making. Take in the sidewalk or the trees around you if you’re running outside.


Running is an incredible way to stay healthy, lose weight and feel active. For me, I started running back in college to relieve stress and now it’s just become apart of my life style. Anyone who knows me knows that running is a huge part of my life. It’s something I make time for just like eating or taking a shower. It’s something that I want to do and also something I must do. When I moved to San Francisco I ran around the city to get a feel for it and memorize streets. Running has a lot benefits just not from staying healthy, but exploring, spending time with friends and enjoying a break from your phone and just thinking.

Wispy Sundress – Floral Bliss

This outfit was a spare of the moment throw on. I met my friend Leah today some girl time and threw this on. It’s always good to have some basics in the closet for last minute outings. The dress is made by O’Neill. I found it at a sports store in the woman’s summer section in Nob Hill.  It was a store I was not expecting to find a cute summer dress. The button tie top is from Forever 21 a few months back, plus the owl necklace. I love the bold floral pattern and has all my favorite colors. The purse is a Jessica Simpson mini that I think I have had for ages. It’s a great grab and go purse. The wedges are from DSW and are made by Guess.

SF Giants Perfect Game

SF Giants Perfect Game

The 27-year-old right hander becomes the 22nd player in major league history to accomplish the feat in a 10-0 victory over the Houston Astros. – Los Angeles Times

All that I can say what an incredible game! Plus, the corn dogs and hot chocolate were pretty delicious. But seriously, a perfect game!? I wish I could explain how awesome it was to be apart of that. People were crying, laughing, screaming, hugging strangers. I think everyone that was there seriously had their year made by being there. I am so happy I got to be apart of history with my awesome and wonderful friends. It really couldn’t have been more of a perfect night.

Watch to the end of the video, the older man is so precious. He’s tearing up and you can just tell that, that was one of the best moments in his life.

Journaling life. – HH