Wakfu – Game UI Inspiration & Review

I am constantly playing mobile games. Its been a while since I branched out and played other games on different consoles. I’m a huge Halo fan, which is the main reason I ever owned an Xbox  360.

I started playing massively multi-player online role-playing games (also known as MMORPG’s) just to get my mind off  mobile games. Sometimes I feel that the mobile games are limiting and not as broad as they could be. So it feels good to play something that has a ton of features and is constantly expanding. I also love the feel of the social aspect and the collections/inventory features of MMOs. I mainly play MMO’s to get items into my collections —  I’m one of those players that is always fighting to get that rare item. Nerdy I know but I was started out as a casual gamer, moved into MLG (Major League Gaming) and now work at a gaming company. It’s only gotten nerdier as I’ve gotten older. I never saw myself so tightly knit to the gaming world. Now I realize that gaming is something that goes to my very core!

I wanted to share some screenshots of Wakfu and some of its very pretty UI detail. I think the aesthetics is quite nice in the game. Although the UX somewhat feels like it’s a bit clunky at times.  There are some things I wish were a little more clear, especially during the PvP stages.

The top of the login box is really quite intricate. All through the game there is this gear like aesthetic. I really like this theme and think it was quite creative. I also think they did a great job on the logo and branding of the game. It’s quite different, but memorable. The rest of the form I am not too crazy about, but do like the small details.

Choosing the land is really quite pretty too. The artwork in this game is just beautiful. Again, I really am admiring the detail surrounding the UI and the earth graphic is so pretty. That little voodoo doll is really cute too.

There are things I like and dislike about this part of the UI, which is located at the top right of the screen. The “Bug” button is quite cool — it lets players easily report bugs. It could have been placed better, however. I kept on clicking on it by accident. If I had designed this feature, I would have put the Bug button in the settings menu. I do like the colorful day and night icon. I think it displays time well, but find I the gear on the side of it to be an unneeded decoration.  The map box does what it’s made to do, but I wish I had the ability to hide it. Overall though, I think that the UI was designed very well.

Another pretty detail that I liked was the health UI details in the bottom HUD bar. Again, there is the gear incorporation with the leaves. I really think this is quite pretty and would be great inspiration for anyone creating any sort of whimsical or game interface. The HUD bar changes depending on what screen, or action the player is using.

Wakfu is truly beautiful and the character customization is quite awesome as well. The game play is quite fun, and the PvP is challenging, but it doesn’t take forever to level up. This is more of a pretty and less serious MMO. The game does offer the ability to be more serious through several premium features.

It’s always good to look at other UI for inspiration even if it isn’t in your particular field. You’ll always learn something new or see something that may catch your eye for a product in the future. So keep your eyes open, you never know what you may see that could improve yourself and your career.

What are your thoughts on looking for inspiration outside of your comfort zone?
Do you believe it’s needed to do research outside of your field?

7 Comments Wakfu – Game UI Inspiration & Review

  1. mike (@artisticdork)

    I oddly enough always look for inspiration in the opposites. If I’m working on a very clean design or illustration, most of the stuff I find inspiring, at the time , is grungy and dirty or very hand done looking and vice versa. I think it gives me fresh eyes to go from the opposites; if that makes sense.

    1. Hillary Hopper

      That’s a great perspective. I have never thought of it that way. I always just seem to gear towards what I am trying to create. Thanks for that tip, I am certainly going to try that out. Thanks for being such a regular commenter, I love it and I am sure the other readers do too.

      1. mike (@artisticdork)

        It wasn’t a conscious decision to go that route, it just kind of happens. haha! It just… happened and works for me.

        I love commenting on artists blogs that I admire. I love your work its always so fun and put together so well. I get bummed when I can’t comment on a new post cause its about flats or make up and things I just start to get that glazed over look :P

  2. Mike

    Everything about this game is pretty (well, maybe not using what looks like Copperplate on the login window, but that aside…). I’m impressed someone would make any game for PC, let alone an MMO, with hand drawn graphics. Unless its cleverly-concealed 3D, but it doesn’t look it.

    But my favorite part, UI-wise, is that the in-game action/health/etc. bar is white. White, of all things! It’s rare to see any MMO use a color palette besides black or dark grays. Usually with a metallic accent. They’re not bad, but most look the same. It’s nice to see a developer go in a different direction for once.

    1. Hillary Hopper

      Mike! I am so glad you share the same eye for detail that I do! I think the hand drawn graphics are lovely as well, it must have taken quite a bit of time. I know I am kind of late to this game, but it obviously has some timeless artwork.

      I agree that the color pallet is quite pretty, and it’s nice to see something other then the usual!
      Thanks for the awesome comment. Keep them coming.


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