My 6 Month Missions

Despite my blog being about design and fashion, I also try to merge in my personal life sometimes. Lately I have had a lot of things I want to get on my mental “To Do” list. But haven’t done anything concrete about it. I figure if I write about it, post it online and make myself accountable, it will happen a lot of faster. Plus, it’s always great to have goals. So, here are mine!

  • Buy a sewing machine
  • Learn how to sew a dress
  • Run the SF half Marathon – 13.2 miles
  • Focus less on freelance and more on music
  • Release my fashion app in the App Store

I used to sew a lot in high school. I would modify my clothes often and miss how relaxing it was. I think its good to have a sewing machine in general, but want to know how to use it for more complicated patterns.

I’m running the SF half marathon in July, I am so excited. Finally a big race that will be a huge check in my list.

I love freelance, I have been fortunate to have great clients. Although I think that it’s  time to focus less on working for others and get some of my own personal things accomplished. I’ll be my own client for once!

My fashion app has been in development for about 3 months now. Still a lot of UI and engineering to be done but it’s nice that it’s finally an actual usable app on a device. There is a lot more to go, but I just need to get it done.

What are your goals for the next 6 months? I think it’s great to set both short and long term goals. It keeps life interesting and makes me even more motivated.

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  1. Yassine Bentaieb

    Nice post Hillary! I’ve started with a similar approach to work and life. Since I graduated recently I have much more control over what I’m doing, so it’s easier to set goals for myself. I have some short term goals, mostly career wise, that I want to achieve before 2013. And some long term goals that fit better in the ‘life’ section. It’s good to know where you want to go, it makes you and your mind calmer, clearer and more determined.

  2. Mike

    Motivation is a huge issue for me lately – there’s so many things I could/should do, that I never know where to begin. This post makes me think I should assign some kind of time frame to things at least. Might help. It’s also nice to hear someone else with a similar… Scheduling issue, haha.

    The one thing you didn’t expand upon is your mention of music – what kind of music?

    What’s your app going to do/be, for that matter?

    1. Hillary Hopper

      Mike, I’d just start out writing out your goals in your sketchbook or notebook. Some place that you will see often. Or write them on sticky note and place them around your place so you see it even more often. People that write down their goals and are reminded of them often are more likely to achieve them then people that dont.

      I play guitar, sing and write. It’s more like an indie contemporary genre. You can hear more on my music link on the top navigation.

      The fashion app is still in the works, but is going to be a shoe app with some other cool features. :)


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